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De-Winterizing Your RV

Get Your RV Ready to Get on the Road!

De-Winterizing Your RV

Prepping your RV for Spring

Spring is upon us and with it comes wonderful RVing weather as the trees bud and flowers bloom. It is time to bring your RV out of storage and ready it for the Spring and Summer weather ahead. Its best to prep your RV before your first vacation so you don't have any surprises, such as broken pipes, new house guests, or flat tires.

  • Once you've gotten your RV out of storage and removed its cover, you should check the exterior siding of your camper, fifth wheel or motor home for cracks or holes. Check the roof for wear and tear and weak points.
  • Check your tire tread. Look for cracks, and uneven wear.
  • Check for rust underneath the RV, along the exterior and on the pipes.
  • Make sure no critters or bugs have made a home in your RV. Check for nests, and if any are found, be sure to get rid of them.
  • Look over the windows and doors checking for broken seals or cracks in the glass.
  • Be careful when checking for gas leaks, make sure there are no open flames, or ignition sources around when you open your propane tank. Spray a small amount of soapy water on the fittings. If you see bubbles, then you have a leak and need to get it taken care of. Do this on all gas line connections.
  • Check your generator for frayed or worn wires. Make sure the battery is in good shape and that it has not been sweating or accumulating powder.
  • Inspect the interior watching closely for water damage, leaky pipes, and nesting critters.
  • Hook up a water hose to your RV and turn on your water pump. Let the faucets run to get all of the antifreeze out of the pipes and water tanks. Run the toilet and shower as well until all the color is gone and the water runs clear.
  • Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and then hook up your RV. Check your tail lights, blinkers, reverse lights, and if you own a motor home, check the head lights and make sure the engine is running smoothly.

Now that your RV has been inspected, it is time to get it on the open road and enjoy a fun and eventful season of camping and travel across Canada. If your RV needs repairs, or perhaps its just time for a new one, come visit us at Bluenose RV in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia and check out our inventory.